Culture*Park Theatre in collaboration with Bristol Community College presents
by Patricia A. Thomas adapted from the memoir by Charles Reis Felix

Directed by Patricia A. Thomas

PERFORMANCE DATES: April 27, 28, 29, 30, 2017
Bristol Community College Auditorium

Wednesday, January 25, and Thursday, January 26, 6pm to 8pm. Final day of
auditions, and call-backs, Friday, January 27, 6 – 8ppm, BCC Fall River, H128. (Studio
NOTE: Auditions are OPEN to all members of the BCC community, including
students, faculty, and staff, to the community-at-large and to the regional acting
Actors / Performers of all levels of experience are welcome to audition
OPEN CALL: Those auditioning will be asked to read from the script provided, and
may also present a short speech or monologue. Singers should have a song
prepared to present a capella. To register to audition, or for further information,
please email Professor Thomas at or Since this is an Open Call, those auditioning should
arrive at 6pm; however, those pre-registered will be given a time slot.

The play requires a range of characters. Singer / Actor / Announcers are required for
Radio Ensemble. Singers should have a song prepared to present a capella.
Portuguese speakers are needed for some roles. Some roles may be double cast.

Casting 9 Male, 6 Female:
Francis A. Walker, President of MIT. Orator
Charles Reis Felix, Storyteller, Adult son of Jose
Jose Felix, Shoemaker from Setubal, Portugal; Father of Jose
Ilda, Jose’s wife, to play 30’s to 60’s
Charley, Jose’s son as a teen
Idalia, Jose’s daughter, to play teen to adult
Harry Beech, Classroon teacher in Escamil. Jose’s colleague. Middle-aged man.
Rezendes, A married man of Portuguese descent, resembling Charlie Chaplin.
Senhor Oliveira, a Portuguese-speaking custodian.
Podubnia, a woman of Polish descent.
Mrs. Maud D’Haze, a Communist
Jack, a middle-aged man
Man, a young man
Spanish Lady, a middle-aged woman from Spain
Radio Ensemble: Two Women, Two Men. Singers/Announcers.