Moby Dick Marathon / Chapter 40

Culture*Park Theatre presents Chapter 40: Midnight in the Foc’sle, of Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick,
Saturday Night, January 6, 2017, at 7:30, or 8, approximate start time, in the theatre of the New Bedford
Whaling Museum for the Moby Dick Marathon!
Come one and ALL, ye Jollies!  Admission is FREE!!!
And, for an ounce or two,  the Museum is serving brews and pints
right outside the door following the 17 minute performance!!!

Patricia A. Thomas, Director

David Higgins, Artistic Collaborator
Rebecca Schade, Artistic Collaborator

Taylor Corbett
Michele Demary
Charlie Gerrior
Kristen Kelly
Leeandra King
Sydney Lipsett
Mirko Lopes
James Marlow
Miguel Moniz
Kris O'Brien
Korey Pimental
Jonathan St. Laurent
Chuck Smiler
Jordan Smith
Joseph Twomey
Harvey Ussach
Roger Lizotte, Accordion
Please join us!